Eurobike 2017

Visited Eurobike last year for the first time and I wasn’t planning to do it again soon, but got the invitation so why not, let’s check it out again.

Forecast was screaming rain for all days, but plan was to combine this little business trip with a bit of camping fun, so few extra clothes in panniers, to look more like a normal person and of I went.

200km from home would make perfect bike trip, but working man doesn’t have luxury of taking 2 days off and I don’t like to push it anyway. Yep, tell me how you could do it in one day, I still prefer chilling and napping every 10km.

Cheats on and I’m on the train running 170km/h. I took my shit bike as I have paranoia about leavingĀ good one out of sigh for more than an hour and don’t like German train loading traditions – sure thing, those 3 e-bikes leaned on my bike couldn’t do any damage.. better safe than sorry, shit bike was right decision.

Rain was off for a while so I got out of the train one station earlier and did last 30km via forest roads. Rear full fender was best idea ever so as getting close to the finish line I only had to clean my shoes with wet grass and make sure there is no mud on my face. Panniers off, bike locked and I’m off to check all the new industry stuff.

Show was great, but it was even more fun to come back to the bike after midnight in pouring rain and try to figure out where to sleep. Quick look at the gps and my trained eye sees possibly nice spot just 1km from messe. Lights on and I find myself riding extremely close to fair’s bike test area, but suddenly my path goes deeper in the forest and I hide myself in a thick woods.

Setting a camp in the rain is always a bit challenging and with hammock it’s even more interesting, but I managed to keep everything dry and was falling asleep in no time, it was a long day after all.

Good morning wasn’t that good as it was still raining, but who cares, 10min from bed was roof with currywurst for breakfast! Later on some usual wondering around and lecture about micro-adventures, motivating to combine everyday business with camping… well, looks like I did it.